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Permanent Birth Control – Essure Method

  • Most effective permanent birth control on the market
  • Surgery-free 10 minute in-office procedure
  • Hormone-free
  • Anesthesia-free – You’re home in a couple of hours
  • Safe – No risks associated with surgery
  • Covered by most insurance plans

Essure is the most effective permanent birth control method on the market today. The Essure method is surgery-free, hormone-free, anesthesia-free, and worry-free. A simple 10 minute procedure in your doctor’s office is all that it takes.

Essure implants are made from the same silicone-free material used in heart stints. The material is small and flexible and is made to insert easily into the fallopian tubes. Dr. Tom Harman at Partners In Women’s Health Care places the Essure implants into the fallopian tubes through the vagina and cervix in a simple, pain-free office procedure (although some women report mild discomfort during the procedure similar to what they feel during their menstrual cycle). No incisions are necessary. The tip of the Essure implants are visible to Dr. Harman so he can confirm proper placement. Recovery generally takes less than 2 hours and you can return to normal activities in less than one day.

During the three months after the Essure method procedure, your own body forms a natural barrier around the inserts. The barrier prevents pregnancy. You must use another form of birth control during this first three months until Dr. Harman has confirmed the procedure to be successful.

After three months, Dr. Harman will give you an Essure Confirmation Test. He will insert a special dye into your uterus and view it on an x-ray. This will show that the Essure implants are in the correct place and that the fallopian tubes are fully blocked. Once you receive verification from Dr. Harman, you can start relying 100% on the Essure method for birth control.

The Essure method is 99.8 percent effective against pregnancy based on four years of clinical data and over half a million procedures performed since 2002. Essure eliminates all the risk, discomfort, and recovery that is normally associated with a surgical procedure like tubal ligation and vasectomy.

The Essure procedure at Partners In Women’s Health Care in Morgantown, WV, is covered by most insurance providers. Depending on your insurance coverage, it may be as low as a co-pay. Schedule an appointment today at Partners In Women’s Health Care to find out more about the Essure method for permanent birth control.